Union Special 43200G
In the good old days, the machine used to produce a pair of jeans worked quite slow and only able to produce in a small amount when compared with the modern machinery. And also they were more labor intensive to operate. That`s why those old machinery were gradually replaced with the modern one for the sake of speed, time, and quantity. But unfortunately, none of those modern machinery could replace and provide a "touch", some small but special characteristics, which obtained by its predecessor. That`s why the machinery behind a good pair of jeans is a critical aspect for many of denim afišionados, including us.

One of the highly sought vintage sewing machines is indeed the one and only, the Union Special 43200G. What makes this machine special is its unique pushing style of sewing, that can not be replaced by any other machines. The "push" and "pull" creates directional pressure that will create a "roping effect" in the sewed part, which is the hem part. That`s the myth we all believe in.

The myth and hype is that it can produce the roping effect that we all love. Some said it`s because the push and pull effect produced by the machine. And others said the machine`s folder played great role on the future roping effect. Those are indeed true in some part. But from our experience, that roping effect is also greatly depend on how we set the thread tension, and also the felling and sewing technique. What great with this little machine, despite of its age, it can eat up denim fabric up to 25 ounces (it`s the heaviest fabric we`ve ever tried on the machine) with ease.

We offer a free chain stitch hemming service using the infamous Union Special 43200G for every pair of jeans purchased directly through the web store. All you have to do is fill the "Hem To" column in the product check-out detail. Do note that the measurement we use is in inch. The thread color combination will be similar with the Oldblue signature two-tone hem thread. If you wish to use a different color combination do remind us in the note column (also in the check out process). And do provide us with your desired thread color, both the upper and bottom thread.

*Do not forget to click "Update" box after you put your desired length in the "Hem to" column