Oldblue Domestic Ambassador : Dejan Savi

Posted : 2015-07-09

As some of you might already know, we just had an open recruitment for Oldblue Ambassador postion. After a long intern debating in our team, and after so many interesting applications we received, we came to the decision that we'll have 2 ambassadors; the international and the domestic We do think this way, we can cope both needs in a more balanced and effective way.

The selected domestic ambassador is Dejan Savi from Indonesia (of course), whereas the international ambassador is Boriz Delhez from Netherlands. In this blog post we will conduct a brief Q&A interview with both of them, to get to know more about them. Their background, their daily activity, their thoughts, and all denim related things. The first who'll take part in this interview is Dejan.

So let's cut to the chase shall we!

Q : Please introduce yourself and also your background.
A : Hello there, my name is Dejan Savi, I was born and raised in Jakarta. I currently live in West Jakarta and i am a college-student in one of private university in Jakarta. I was once worked in a very well-known retail store in Jakarta as a Shop Assistant.

As I’m still enrolled in my university, so surely my day to day activity is still related to it. Other things i usually do is sport mostly, to keep my body in shape. From going to the gym, running, to doing a street work out.

Q : Since when and also why did you have interest in dry denim?
A : I was first attratcted to dry denim in 2009. And like almost everybody else that time, my first dry denim was a pair of Nudie Thin finn. Nudie got me interested because its excellent presentation. The booklet that you can find in every pair of Nudie jeans is really educating for me. And also Nudie has a lot of fits to offer, so it’s really a good thing.
One thing that really got me into this dry denim world was the evolution process, their ability to age. The denim evolution is very unique. It is very personal, in term of no one can get the exact same fade with the other.
Q : What kind of first impression you had about Oldblue?
A : The first time i saw Oldblue with my own eyes was in 2012. That was in Brightspot market event. At that time i was just looking around. And then one of the tenants caught my eyes. This tenant really had a distinctive theme comparing to the others. What i was thinking that, this brand really had a lot of characters, and it was really rugged. And yes it was Oldblue.
I also met with the brand’s owner there, Mr Yax himself. And he really taught and explained a lot of things about denim that i didn’t know before. From that moment my interest in Oldblue was taking a big leap.

Q : So what do you think make Oldblue different from any other brands?
A : As i probably said earlier, Oldblue really has a strong character and concept comparing to the others. And they’re really consistent with it. That thing is really matter. Oldblue has always been sticking theirself to their roots, the workwear heritage concept.

Q : Okay let’s talk about the ambassador thingy. What made you interested to register as an Oldblue ambassador in the first place?
A : This time of year, my interest in denim world is maybe in its highest peak. I always feel that my knowledge about denim is somehow restricted. I don’t want to be just a common customer who buy dry denim without really knowing what value lies behind it. And i want to learn more and more about denim.
And then i saw in Darahkubiru forum and also in Instagram that Oldblue was having an open recruitment for their brand ambassador. I felt that it was the perfect moment. It would be a great chance for my self development. So I got myself together and registered in that recruitment.

Q : So now you’re one of us. How do you feel?
A : Proud is one thing for sure. But I also feel somekind of pressure to get to the same level with you guys. I feel like i need to improve my skill and knowledge more.
Dejan with his 25 Oz Ultimate Beast in 7.5" Cut
Q : As a denim enthusiast, what do you think about denim industry here in Indonesia?
A : As maybe we all know, the development of denim industry in Indonesia is really major and fast. When i still spent my time working in The Goods Dept store, the demand of a good pair of jeans there was very high. I think this happened thanks to the “bandwagon culture” here in Indonesia. So if one of your peer friends, let’s say buy a pair of dry denim, suddenly all of the others start asking and getting interested too.
Q : As a college-student, and also from the college student point of view, what do you think play the most important role in your (and their) decision for buying a pair of jeans?
A : I think we’re basically interested in a good and unique brand concept. We tend to search for all the information we need before deciding to buy a pair of jeans. Thanks to the all social-media openness, we somehow can educate ourself, and in the end define our own choice. But then again, the opinion from our fellow friend, moreover if he knows more and has more experience in denim, also play important role in that decision. That’s why I think, a brand shoud have a good social media presentation.
Q : If you have the chance to make your own pair of jeans, what kind of jeans, and also details, will you do?
A : I will choose the Oldblue’s signature 8.25” Cut. It’s simply because I own an Oldblue article with the same cut, and it just really suit me well. For the fabric I’m thinking about 16-19 ounces denim. It would be perfect. And maybe i will play a bit with the sewing thread combination. I will use some thread colors that have a bold and brave impression.
Q : Do describe Oldblue in one word!
A : I think it won’t be enough, but TOUGH it is!

So that's it from Dejan. We do hope you get to know him better. He's a really friendly guy, so if one day you catch him on any errands, do say hi to him.